OG/Mythic Dino

Want to become a true Psycho Dino? Now you can blend your way to OG or Mythic status and earn a cut of the collection income every month! The first step is getting a Psycho Dino Membership in order to start claiming the weekly bone drop, then you’re ready to go!

The Dino Bone is the first step on your journey to OG/Mythic. Dino Bones are dropped each week with 4 separate drops. 2 drops on Saturday at 10pm UTC with 100 Dino Bones for WAX and 100 for DINO, and 2 drops on Sunday at 10am UTC with 100 for WAX and 100 for DINO. Claim cooldown is one hour and will last until the drop is sold out. Once you have collected 10 Dino Bones, its time to move on to the first blend, the Dino Fossil!

The Dino Fossil. 65 million years int he making, the Dino Fossil is step 2 in the Mythic/OG blend. 10 Dino Bones is all it takes to assemble one, and once you do it can be staked in our waxdao farm to earn Dino Token, giving you access to even more exclusives drops. With you first Dino Fossil on display, its time to dig up some more Dino Bones so we can move on to the next magical step.

Imbued with ancient magic and a millennia of Psycho Dino wisdom, the Magic Dino Potion is step 3 in the Mythic/OG blend. To brew this mystical concoction, you will need to assemble 2 Dino Fossils and dig up 10 Dino Bones (a total of 30 bones). The Magic Dino Potion is also able to be staked to earn Dino Token at a slightly higher rate, helping you brew more potion for the next step. Ancient Psycho Dino lore tells of this powerful potion, with the ability to grant new life to your old Dino Bones…

After digging for bones, assembling your fossils, and brewing your potions, the time has come to put them together in a magical blend, giving life to the Baby Dino! To conjure this Psycho Dino you will need 2 Magic Dino Potions, 3 Dino Fossils, and 10 Dino Bones (100 bones total). Stake him in waxdao to earn more Dino Token while you continue your digging for bones to grow your Baby Dino in the next step.

The OG. The Original Genusaurus. Once you have conjured 3 Baby Dinos, you can now blend them together to adulthood, granting you The OG Psycho Dino. This slick dino works hard in the Psycho meta world, earning you a share of 5% of collection income every month!! Paid out monthly, all OG owners will share this 5% pool equally, so start stacking those OG’s, there is still a lot of digging left for our final step.

You’ve dug deep for Dino bones, gathered ancient Dino Fossils, made Magic Dino Potions, summoned your Baby Dinos, and grown your OG Dinos, you have reached the pinnacle of the blend, The Mythic Psycho Dino! To become this mythical dino you will need 3 OG’s and 1 Baby Dino. Once achieved, the Mythic Psycho Dino will earn you a share of 15% of collection income, certainly making this one of the most coveted dinos of all!