In order to give further utility to almost all Psycho Dino NFT’s, and to create scarcity among the lower rarity NFT’s, we have created several Waxdao farms to stake your Dinos and earn Dino token and Wax! There are 6 separate farms for each rarity of Dino NFT: Common, Rare, Epic, Mythic, Legendary, and Mythic/OG Blends.

Common Dinos

The all new Common Psycho Dino farm helps to create rarity among common dino NFT’s by requiring them to be blended together to a Bronze version in order to be staked. For Common Bronze blending you will need 2 of the same Common Dino and 2 Bronze Dino Coins and each will earn you Dino Token on a hourly basis.

Rare Dinos

The new Rare Psycho Dino farm now makes your NFT’s rarer and giving further utility to the Baby Dino Hunter by also requiring a blend in order to be staked. For Rare Bronze blending you will need 2 of the same Rare Dino and 2 Baby Dino Hunters in order to start earning your share of Dino Token.

Epic Dinos

The Epic Psycho Dino farm is open and ready to go, no blending necessary. Just stake your Epic Dinos and you will start earning hourly Dino Token.

Mythic Dinos

Mythic info